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You will create the labels on your end just like you normally do. item_label_example

First – by adding inventory to your amazon seller account, then by verifying quantity price and condition.

Second – you will be asked by amazon if you want to print labels, you click print labels and instead of actually printing the labels, you will choose printer setting “save as pdf”  save that pdf file to your computer.

Thrid –   Send us the labels in pdf format, we will then print the labels and affix them to the matching items

Current Pricing

Pricing Effective September 1st.  2014

$35  Per Order Minimum 

Price Is Per Carton / Configuration as detailed below:

$0.35 cents per Unit .  


$10 Per outgoing Carton, Whichever is more

$0.35 Cents per unit.

- Only for standard ‘case packed’ product (all units in the carton are the same Amazon ASIN)

Do your items need to be sorted?

If your shipment has:

-  Cartons that are sent to us with mixed products in them

And / Or requires:

-   Products to be separated into different cartons

-   Tape well each carton


- Due to the extra labor required, items requiring sorting incur an additional $0.10 per unit charge

Why allow us to do your sorting rather than pay Amazon to do it?

-    Amazon will allow you to send in mixed product in cartons, however will charge you up to $0.40 per unit

-    Amazon will delay in getting your stock into FBA inventory by up to 2 weeks as they sort your inventory internally!

Let us be your eyes and ears, and ensure your stock is in perfect condition and is sorted exactly how Amazon requires it. We will save you time, money and stress!