Our Services

FBA Door to Door Delivery

FBA Preparation and Inspection

Customs Brokerage Support

Labeling Service

Buying Coordinator

We provide a service to help customers purchase products from China. We can be your sourcing agent in China

, giving you more time to focus on your business growth.

Cargo Consolidation

We can combine cargo from different suppliers and export them in one lot. This means you save on export costs as the freight charge in now based on a single shipment.

EIN&VAT Registration

We offer USA EIN and European VAT registration and consultation. We also offer a US/UK/EU Trademark Registration service

Forward to FBA

Once we receive your shipment we will forward it to Amazon for you using either LTL or SPD shipping depending on the size of the shipment and the delivery time you require.

Clearing customs at the destination

US/EU customs entry can be scary and confusing. We can handle the entire process for you. From receiving your shipment, preparing customs report paperwork, filing your ISF pre-departure through to clearing customs at destination and prepaying all port fees including tax/duty.


We will inspect the exterior of each package to ensure no damaged boxes are shipped out. We can also open boxes to check the quantities, replace packaging and even test some units if the customer requests.


We can help you by applying labels for each item or we can check that your item has all the correct FNSKU and FBA box labels to meet Amazon’s requirements before your product is sent out.

Help & Support

We’re here to help,from your initial enquiry right through to the point that you inventory arrives safely at the amazon warehouse.

we are highly responsive to your needs.